How to do a second marriage?

How to do a second marriage?

The process for second marriage is very simple in these days when the divorces are on a rise and one must follow the simplest of procedure for doing second marriage.


A.    Get Divorce through Contested Divorce

B.    Or get mutual consent divorce

C.    Give settlement amount or alimony to wife and get married again to another

D.   Have agreement based second marriage without divorcing the wife

E.     Stay Away from Live-in Agreement or Live-in Relationship

F.     Live-in may be treated as Marriage for court cases so stay away

G.   Stay Away from Lawyers in getting remarriage

H.   File LTR based agreement followed by enforceability

I.       Get Lego-Technical Representations prepared from SOCIAL STIGMA dot IN.

How do I divorce my wife and keep everything?

How do I divorce my wife and keep everything?

A NRI husband can very well get divorce abroad from a cruel wife who has filed false 498a in India and in such cases the husband gets answer for his query i.e., how to get divorce from wife and keep everything.


Step (1) :                    File Divorce abroad based on cruelty against wife

Step (2) :                    After wife files false 498a do this with evidences

Step (3) :                    Get her arrested in foreign country

Step (4) :                    Charge her with domestic violence abroad

Step (5) :                    Enforce the divorce based on cruelty or harassment by wife abroad

Step (6) :                    Enforce the foreign divorce decree in India

Step (7) :                    Get in touch with SOCIAL STIGMA dot IN guys in India

Step (8) :                    Contact and get help from MAN CELL guys in Delhi

Step (9) :                    File Lego-Technical Representations against the wife and get divorce at Zero Settlement Cost i.e., without paying or giving anything to such wife who filed false 498a against the NRI.

Can I divorce my wife if she doesn’t want to?

Can I divorce my wife if she doesn’t want to?

Wife can very well be divorced if she is cruel or deserts you and despite your requests refuses to join your company by following below process or procedure on how to divorce a wife is she refuses to sign on mutual consent divorce.


Step (1) :                    File Court case against her

Step (2) :                    Get LTR implemented and enforced against her

Step (3) :                    Use the evidences of your requests to the wife for reunion

Step (4) :                    Attach proofs of her refusal to join husband

Step (5) :                    Have evidences of her smearing at you or abusing your relatives

Step (6) :                    Generate evidences through RTI’s

Step (7) :                    Collect proofs of you taking good care of wife like hotel/ travel bills etc

Step (8) :                    Do NOT allow her to come back without withdrawal of her complaints

Step (9) :                    Stay away from lawyers or any other middleman in this fight and get divorce using only Lego-Technical Representations.

Can husband and wife live separately without divorce?

Can husband and wife live separately without divorce?

Without filing divorce also a husband and wife can very well live separately but it is NOT advisable in case there is no possibility of reunion so understand the below procedure for the query i.e., can husband and wife live separately without getting divorced.


Step (1) :                    Husband is the trustee of the wife

Step (2) :                    If any wrong happens to the wife then husband is arrested

Step (3) :                    Husband should get protected by informing relevant authority

Step (4) :                    Whenever wife refuses to live with husband, he must file a Silent LTR

Step (5) :                    LTR may help husband get protection from arbitrary arrest

Step (6) :                    If wife living separately die sunder mysterious circumstances

Step (7) :                    Then the husband may get arrested even without any warrant etc

Step (8) :                    Be smart, file LTR and get help from man cell in delhi at link above.

Step (9) :                    Do NOT use any lawyer to file a LTR otherwise is may NOT work as efficiently as required and get the LTR enforced after that.

What if husband wife are not living together?

What if husband wife are not living together?

If wife refuses to live with the husband or refuses to have sex with the husband, then the husband must follow the advises of 498a consultant or team man cell about how to get separation orders from the court if wife is NOT living with the husband.


Step (1) :                    File LTR to the concerned authority

Step (2) :                    Invoke your human rights also

Step (3) :                    File LTR against wife and get it enforced now

Step (4) :                    Enforce the LTR for the efficacy of the separation on record

Step (5) :                    Bring the separation o record of jurisdiction court

Step (6) :                    File for divorce petition

Step (7) :                    Prove desertion by the wife

Step (8) :                    Attach proofs that husband tried to communicate with the wife but the wife constantly refused the communication or paid any heed to husband’s requests for re-union.

Step (9) :                    Get Quick Divorce or Ex-Parte Divorce using exper 498a consultant advises but do NOT use any lawyer to avoid trouble of a middlemen in divorce and to avoid any additional hidden costs of settlement and divorce with the wife.

What happens when husband wants divorce and wife doesn’t?

What happens when husband wants divorce and wife doesn’t?

A divorce is NOT merely on request and denial rather divorce is based on evidences, so if the wife has done cruelty to a husband then husband should follow the below steps and stop worrying about what happens when a husband wants divorce but the wife does’nt.


Step (1) :                    File Evidences based Police Complaint against the wife

Step (2) :                    File LTR and get it enforced

Step (3) :                    File Divorce Petition in the court

Step (4) :                    Get the summons sent to wife through Process Server of the court

Step (5) :                    Also send summons to wife using post/ speed post

Step (6) :                    Manage tracking number of the speed post and if wife refuses summons

Step (7) :                    Get Ex-Parte orders, wait three months and get re-married

Step (8) :                    Wife can NOT re-open such divorce case if the summons were refused by the wife

Step (9) :                    Get a new wife as soon as possible to get rid of a cruel wife.

What rights does a wife have over her husband?

What rights does a wife have over her husband?

A wife have several rights over her husband but it should NOT be in the form of false allegations or cruelty by her to her husband or use of abuse/ filth and smear by her against her husband and relatives and therefore the wife has what all rights a wife has against her husband in India.


Step (1) :                    Rights to Residence

Step (2) :                    Right to receive compensation for harassment

Step (3) :                    Right to compensate for funds appropriation

Step (4) :                    Right to file 406 IPC for misappropriation of Stridhan by husband

Step (5) :                    Husband is a trustee of wife under the trustee act so this gives even wider powers to a wife and much more liability and responsibility for a husband

Step (6) :                    Wife can trap husband in adultery, unnatural sex, 375 IPC and several other cases

Step (7) :                    Wife can stop husband from getting new partner without her consent

Step (8) :                    She has right to receive maintenance

Step (9) :                    For protection from wife’s rights, lodge a FIR based on proofs of cruelty by wife to husband, and this FIR against wife will only protect the husband. This FIR must be followed by the application to the MM or Sessions judge for Bailable or NBW against wife i.e., ARREST WARRANT AGAINST WIFE.

Can court force husband to live with wife?

Can court force husband to live with wife?

Court can NOT force a husband to live with the wife but it can certainly fix a maintenance and residence rights against the husband’s will and if they are living in a rented accommodation then huge RR can be ordered on very first date i.e., can court force a husband to live with wife.


Step (1) :                    Get the Evidences proving cruelty of wife

Step (2) :                    Court has powers under the DV Act

Step (3) :                    Ex-Parte Orders can be made against the husband.

Step (4) :                    DV Judge has wider powers than a 498a MM or a Civil Judge in CrPC 125 and even than a Civil/ Family Court JFC/ PJ in a Divorce/ RCR/ Custody matters

Step (5) :                    DV Judge is usually a small MM but powers under DV Act are vast

Step (6) :                    Initially the husband can be ordered to live with wife in same residence

Step (7) :                    If husband refuses then RR can be passed

Step (8) :                    If rented accommodation then huge RR Maintenance can be ordered from the date of filing DV by the wife

Step (9) :                    Lodge/ Register FIR against the wife as a counter attack on OP Gang to protect yourself from false DV Act harassment by the wife.

How do I get rid of a cruel wife?

How do I get rid of a cruel wife?

If the wife is so much cruel and harasses/ tortures/ humiliates the husband and his relatives from time to time and uses filthy and unparliamentary language against husband and in-laws then the follow the below process for how to get rid of a cruel wife.


Step (1) :                    Record the harassment or cruelty done by her

Step (2) :                    Audio or video recording is a must

Step (3) :                    Take clippings from that recording

Step (4) :                    Retain original media of storage for forensics when matter reaches court

Step (5) :                    Write complaint against her

Step (6) :                    Keep complaint aside and come back after few hours or days to read the complaint again and make changes

Step (7) :                    Discuss about LTR with an expert 498a consultant like SOCIAL STIGMA dot IN guys or Team Men Cell in Delhi

Step (8) :                    File LTR and also use RTI Act to stop the harassment and police action against the wife

Step (9) :                    Lodge FIR against the wife and also file for Divorce on the grounds of cruelty and harassment by wife.

How do I complain about a Woman Harassment?

How do I complain about a Woman Harassment?

If a woman or wife harasses then NOT just complaint in police station but it should be a FIR following the procedure to file complaint against a woman harassment.


Step (1) :                    If wife refuses to have sex this is cruelty or harassment

Step (2) :                    If wife indulges in sex with other, then this comes under harassment

Step (3) :                    If she refuses to sleep with husband

Step (4) :                    Refuses to cook food for the husband

Step (5) :                    If any woman/ girl harasses a man on the road on anywhere else

Step (6) :                    Immediately file a LTR Complaint against that woman instead of waiting fr the harassment to escalate

Step (7) :                    File LTR followed by enforceability

Step (8) :                    Also use RTI Act to find action taken based on that complaint

Step (9) :                    Put that woman or wife harassing you, behind the bars.

How to prove mental cruelty?

How to prove mental cruelty?

Husbands in India are never taught to file false cases and they are taught to respect women and girls in India but women especially wives are becoming more and more cruel as the laws are biased in their favor to such an extent that even they can file false cases against husband’s female relatives and if husband wants to get divorce from such wife then he asks how can a husband prove mental cruelty by wife.


Step (1) :                    NRI can easily prove mental cruelty through audio and video recordings

Step (2) :                    NRI husband must get forensics of these audio video conducted from India or from some other trusted lab across the globe

Step (3) :                    The result of the Forensics can directly be submitted to the court by the husband without coming/ going to India so that the Non Resident Indian husband of the cruel wife may be charged with travel restrictions, passport impounding/ seizure or other conditions by the court

Step (4) :                    Witnesses are also good way to prove mental cruelty of the NRI by his wife but witnesses can be broken down in the cross examination

Step (5) :                    NRI may file application for adducement of extra evidences generated later on

Step (6) :                    RTI Act is a powerful tool to cut the allegations of the wife by getting data and collecting evidences proving false allegations by the wife

Step (7) :                    NRI must close false 498a without coming to India and also prove mental cruelty using evidences

Step (8) :                    NRI must also counter allegations of wife submitted by wife in Immigration or OSC’s (One-Stop Centres) established by WCD (Women and Child Welfare Department) is over 12 countries of the globe to help around 18  million Indian diaspora abroad.

Step (9) :                    Cruelty against wife after proving may help NRI get quick divorce from the wife if the above procedure is followed.

How many cases can a wife file against a husband?

How many cases can a wife file against a husband?

Wives in India are getting more and more cruel with each passing day and some men still wonder as to how many cases can a wife file against a husband in India.


Step (1) :                    NRI’s can be trapped by a wife through Online Marriage Fraud

Step (2) :                    498a and DV Act and Maintenance are at least three cases which can be filed by wife against the husband

Step (3) :                    Unnatural sex without her permission comes under 377 IPC and may be included in the pack of false cases against a husband

Step (4) :                    375 IPC i.e., rape by husband NOT directly but where husband gets her raped by someone else

Step (5) :                    Bigamy u/s 494 IPC when husband does Second Marriage Without Divorce

Step (6) :                    Adultery case against husband to get divorce from husband on the ground of mental cruelty

Step (7) :                    False MLC against the husband for her false allegations of assault

Step (8) :                    Domestic Violence alongwith sec-406 i.e., Istridhan Stolen by husband complaint can also be filed by her against her husband

Step (9) :                    The list is endless as Indian Laws are biased in favor of wives.