How to prove mental cruelty?

How to prove mental cruelty?

Husbands in India are never taught to file false cases and they are taught to respect women and girls in India but women especially wives are becoming more and more cruel as the laws are biased in their favor to such an extent that even they can file false cases against husband’s female relatives and if husband wants to get divorce from such wife then he asks how can a husband prove mental cruelty by wife.


Step (1) :                    NRI can easily prove mental cruelty through audio and video recordings

Step (2) :                    NRI husband must get forensics of these audio video conducted from India or from some other trusted lab across the globe

Step (3) :                    The result of the Forensics can directly be submitted to the court by the husband without coming/ going to India so that the Non Resident Indian husband of the cruel wife may be charged with travel restrictions, passport impounding/ seizure or other conditions by the court

Step (4) :                    Witnesses are also good way to prove mental cruelty of the NRI by his wife but witnesses can be broken down in the cross examination

Step (5) :                    NRI may file application for adducement of extra evidences generated later on

Step (6) :                    RTI Act is a powerful tool to cut the allegations of the wife by getting data and collecting evidences proving false allegations by the wife

Step (7) :                    NRI must close false 498a without coming to India and also prove mental cruelty using evidences

Step (8) :                    NRI must also counter allegations of wife submitted by wife in Immigration or OSC’s (One-Stop Centres) established by WCD (Women and Child Welfare Department) is over 12 countries of the globe to help around 18  million Indian diaspora abroad.

Step (9) :                    Cruelty against wife after proving may help NRI get quick divorce from the wife if the above procedure is followed.