How do I complain about a Woman Harassment?

How do I complain about a Woman Harassment?

If a woman or wife harasses then NOT just complaint in police station but it should be a FIR following the procedure to file complaint against a woman harassment.


Step (1) :                    If wife refuses to have sex this is cruelty or harassment

Step (2) :                    If wife indulges in sex with other, then this comes under harassment

Step (3) :                    If she refuses to sleep with husband

Step (4) :                    Refuses to cook food for the husband

Step (5) :                    If any woman/ girl harasses a man on the road on anywhere else

Step (6) :                    Immediately file a LTR Complaint against that woman instead of waiting fr the harassment to escalate

Step (7) :                    File LTR followed by enforceability

Step (8) :                    Also use RTI Act to find action taken based on that complaint

Step (9) :                    Put that woman or wife harassing you, behind the bars.