Can I divorce my wife if she doesn’t want to?

Can I divorce my wife if she doesn’t want to?

Wife can very well be divorced if she is cruel or deserts you and despite your requests refuses to join your company by following below process or procedure on how to divorce a wife is she refuses to sign on mutual consent divorce.


Step (1) :                    File Court case against her

Step (2) :                    Get LTR implemented and enforced against her

Step (3) :                    Use the evidences of your requests to the wife for reunion

Step (4) :                    Attach proofs of her refusal to join husband

Step (5) :                    Have evidences of her smearing at you or abusing your relatives

Step (6) :                    Generate evidences through RTI’s

Step (7) :                    Collect proofs of you taking good care of wife like hotel/ travel bills etc

Step (8) :                    Do NOT allow her to come back without withdrawal of her complaints

Step (9) :                    Stay away from lawyers or any other middleman in this fight and get divorce using only Lego-Technical Representations.