How do I get rid of a cruel wife?

How do I get rid of a cruel wife?

If the wife is so much cruel and harasses/ tortures/ humiliates the husband and his relatives from time to time and uses filthy and unparliamentary language against husband and in-laws then the follow the below process for how to get rid of a cruel wife.


Step (1) :                    Record the harassment or cruelty done by her

Step (2) :                    Audio or video recording is a must

Step (3) :                    Take clippings from that recording

Step (4) :                    Retain original media of storage for forensics when matter reaches court

Step (5) :                    Write complaint against her

Step (6) :                    Keep complaint aside and come back after few hours or days to read the complaint again and make changes

Step (7) :                    Discuss about LTR with an expert 498a consultant like SOCIAL STIGMA dot IN guys or Team Men Cell in Delhi

Step (8) :                    File LTR and also use RTI Act to stop the harassment and police action against the wife

Step (9) :                    Lodge FIR against the wife and also file for Divorce on the grounds of cruelty and harassment by wife.