What if husband wife are not living together?

What if husband wife are not living together?

If wife refuses to live with the husband or refuses to have sex with the husband, then the husband must follow the advises of 498a consultant or team man cell about how to get separation orders from the court if wife is NOT living with the husband.


Step (1) :                    File LTR to the concerned authority

Step (2) :                    Invoke your human rights also

Step (3) :                    File LTR against wife and get it enforced now

Step (4) :                    Enforce the LTR for the efficacy of the separation on record

Step (5) :                    Bring the separation o record of jurisdiction court

Step (6) :                    File for divorce petition

Step (7) :                    Prove desertion by the wife

Step (8) :                    Attach proofs that husband tried to communicate with the wife but the wife constantly refused the communication or paid any heed to husband’s requests for re-union.

Step (9) :                    Get Quick Divorce or Ex-Parte Divorce using exper 498a consultant advises but do NOT use any lawyer to avoid trouble of a middlemen in divorce and to avoid any additional hidden costs of settlement and divorce with the wife.