What to do if wife is torturing?

What to do if wife is torturing?

There have been instances when a cruel wife harasses the husband and tortures him on daily basis so the below steps may help a husband in knowing what to do if the wife is torturing the husband and his relatives.


Step (1) :                    List down date-wise events of occurrence of torture by wife

Step (2) :                    Collect evidences and arrange them

Step (3) :                    Get help from MAN CELL DELHI guys

Step (4) :                    Report this SOCIAL STIGMA in police

Step (5) :                    Get MLC/ MLR prepared from a government hospital only

Step (6) :                    Allow the hospital authority to call the police while the MLC is being prepared as this is a must requirement which must be followed at any cost

Step (7) :                    File RTI to get hold of the hospital records related to the MLC

Step (8) :                    File another RTI to police regarding action taken & expected time required for completion of investigation

Step (9) :                    File Torture related specific complaint only and do this using a LTR route only given at social stigma dot in related experienced 498a consultants in Delhi.

What is mental harassment in marriage?

What is mental harassment in marriage?

Mental Harassment in marriage can be done by either spouse but today we are giving below some steps to find out exactly what is mental harassment in marriage by the wife on the husband.


Step (1) :                    Mental Cruelty or Harassment is multifolded

Step (2) :                    It can be as simple as NOT making tea for husband

Step (3) :                    Then, it may be also hiding clothes of husband

Step (4) :                    Not cooking food for husband and hiding mental illness of wife from the husband

Step (5) :                    Having an affair or a secret affair also comes under mental harassment

Step (6) :                    Beating the husband or NOT opening the door is also mental harassment by the wife to the husband

Step (7) :                    Throwing husband out of the house

Step (8) :                    Filing false 498a or DV or false 125 CrPC related false cases against the husband is a form of extreme cruelty

Step (9) :                    Complaining to husband’s employer about the husband with false allegations whose falsity proof lies with the husband is an effectively provable/ non-refuttable proof of mental harassment of husband by wife in a marriage.

How can I prove my wife is cruelty?

How can I prove my wife is cruelty?

For proving cruelty by a wife the steps and procedure must be followed to safeguard husband from backfire of his case against himself so below given is the process on how to prove cruelty by the wife.


Step (1) :                    Recorded events are helpful so start gathering them

Step (2) :                    Be particular when writing any cruelty in complaint

Step (3) :                    Write down all forms of cruelty and dates done to you by the wife

Step (4) :                    Discuss these with Men Cell in Delhi

Step (5) :                    NRI must be in touch with men’s helpline for NRI’s through email

Step (6) :                    Complaint must be written and submitted in the LTR form

Step (7) :                    This LTR must be implemented and thereafter enforced against the wife

Step (8) :                    FIR must be got lodged against wife & issue of arrest warrant against wife

Step (9) :                    Get the wife to sign settlement agreement for divorce at husband’s terms or Zero Cost Settlement otherwise pursue the matter, press the charges and punish the wife legally.

How can I file court case against my wife?

How can I file court case against my wife?

Procedure or process to file court case against wife is rather simple than as speculated by fake MRA’s in India who are unable to guide men about the right procedure to file a court case against the wife.


Step (1) :                    Write the complaint

Step (2) :                    Be specific and to the point

Step (3) :                    Emotions out of the complaint

Step (4) :                    Discuss the complaint with the expert 498a like mencell.org

Step (5) :                    Get the complaint corrected and file yourself through LTR

Step (6) :                    Lego-Technical Representation must be implemented in a timely yet speedy manner

Step (7) :                    Enforce the LTR to get the FIR registered against the wife or goto court directly and file a private complaint under section 156(3) read necessarily with 200 IPC with request/ prayer before court to direct the SHO to summon you and record your witness in this FIR against wife

Step (8) :                    Pursue the matter legally and ask for ARREST WARRANT AGAINST WIFE

Step (9) :                    Also file for Passport Impounding of wife citing her absence from the court with reasons that she may evade the country to prevent her arrest and thereby get your wife arrested through a court case & FIR against your wife.

Can husband file defamation case against wife?

Can husband file defamation case against wife?

Husband must know the steps to file defamation case against wife or the complete procedure to file a criminal defamation case against wife.


Step (1) :                    Wife files 498a in CAW Cell

Step (2) :                    CAW Cell complaint turns into a FIR

Step (3) :                    FIR is in public domain

Step (4) :                    Criminal Defamation or Civil Defamation or both can be filed

Step (5) :                    Husband must ask for damages compensation

Step (6) :                    Wife must compensate for her false allegations

Step (7) :                    Proofs or Evidences based Complaint is more effective

Step (8) :                    Ask for judge to register the case and pass to SHO for FIR

Step (9) :                    Get FIR registered against the wife for all wrongs and crimes done by her as against the husband through her false 498a and other false complaints.

How can I complain about harassing by my wife?

How can I complain about harassing by my wife?

If a wife harasses husband then husband must understand the steps vis-a-vis can I complain about harassment by my wife.


Step (1) :                    Record the harassment through some hidden camera’s

Step (2) :                    Prepare and collect past bills proving that you took her well care

Step (3) :                    Generate Evidences

Step (4) :                    Find evidences using the RTI Act

Step (5) :                    File a complain in police station through a Lego-Technical Representation i.e., a LTR AGAINST WIFE

Step (6) :                    Enforce this LTR against the wife and ask for NBW against the wife

Step (7) :                    Thereafter, file for passport impounding of wife

Step (8) :                    Then file a request for Arrest Warrant Against Wife

Step (9) :                    Get help from SOCIAL STIGMA dot IN or Man Cell India or Men Cell Team from Delhi Address in Rohini or Shalimar Bagh.

How can I make a complaint about my wife?

How can I make a complaint about my wife?

In order to file or lodge a complaint against a wife, it must be understood that merely filing a complaint shall NOT suffice as there is going to be NO ACTION hence FIR or Zero FIR is the only way to let the wife feel the heat through understanding proper procedure for How to make complaint against wife.


Step (1) :                    Write down the notes in a diary about crime committed by wife

Step (2) :                    Get the evidences on record and separate these in two parts

Step (3) :                    Hard Evidences versus Soft Evidences need to be differentiated

Step (4) :                    Documented evidences may act as a trump card

Step (5) :                    Use Cross Examination Techniques based on Proofs in hand

Step (6) :                    Generate more recording related proofs and evidences

Step (7) :                    File LTR for lodging FIR if police refuses to register the FIR against wife

Step (8) :                    Enforce the LTR and use the RTI Act for evidence enforcement

Step (9) :                    File enforced complaint against wife to initiate action.

What case can be filed against wife?

What case can be filed against wife?

Several cases can be filed against wife before she files false 498a and after she files false CAW Cell Complaint or DV/ 498a FIR, even more cases can be filed i.e., counter attack against her so be ready to understand What all cases can be filed against a wife.


Step (1) :                    File a Theft complaint against wife if she steals your purushdhan

Step (2) :                    Family members or relatives of husband can also file theft

Step (3) :                    Bills of items stolen are a must to verify ownership of stolen item/s

Step (4) :                    Cheque Bounce, Perjury and Malicious Prosecution based on false 498a

Step (5) :                    IPC 420 and also Fraud related cases

Step (6) :                    Fraudulent Marriage, Kidnapping of her own child without husband consent

Step (7) :                    Fraud Marriage or Sham Marriage i.e., Online Marriage Fraud

Step (8) :                    Mistaken Identity, Multiple IDENTITY Fraud or People’s Representation Act Case can be filed against her

Step (9) :                    Several other criminal complaints can be filed against the wife based on the case merits.

How to file a complaint in police station?

How to file a complaint in police station?

To file complaint against a wife in police station so that police lodges FIR based on husband’s complaint, the correct ways are listed below with respect to how to file a complaint in police station against wife.


Step (1) :                    Find the police station in your jurisdiction

Step (2) :                    List down the date-wise crime list as committed by wife against you

Step (3) :                    Chronologically arrange the crimes list

Step (4) :                    Make a full fledged complaint and get it proofread by a 498a consultant

Step (5) :                    File a LTR invoking also the Human Rights provisions in husband’s favor.

Step (6) :                    Enforce Lego-Technical Representation

Step (7) :                    Ask for Action Taken Report based on your complaint

Step (8) :                    Get FIR registered against wife and investigation started

Step (9) :                    Visit headquarters of police in your state for enforcement of complaint.

9 Effective ways to file complaint against a wife online

9 Effective ways to file complaint against a wife online

To file complaint online as against a wife who is mentally or physically harassing a husband, follow the nine effective steps/ procedure below and find ways about how to file a complaint againt a wife online.


Step (1) :                    Complaint can be filed by husband on any friend/ relative

Step (2) :                    The complaint must have at least few dates of exact harassment

Step (3) :                    The complaint must be to-the-point

Step (4) :                    Check for spell errors in the complaint

Step (5) :                    Invoke FIR or Zero FIR provisions

Step (6) :                    Enforce FIR using Lego-Technical Representation

Step (7) :                    Use RTI Act, SC Judgments, Perjury and CrPC 91

Step (8) :                    Make it a Win-Win situation to ensure police action against wife

Step (9) :                    File for Bailable or NBW i.e., ARREST WARRANT AGAINST WIFE.

How do you make a complaint against wife?

How do you make a complaint against wife?

The procedure to make a complaint against a wife before she files 498a or after she goes to CAW Cell is rather simple and straight forward but you need to follow certain steps viz., how to get second marriage without divorce.


Step (1) :                    Be specific about the complaint

Step (2) :                    The dates, events of allegations must have specific time of occurence

Step (3) :                    Be clear on what you want from this complaint

Step (4) :                    Make sure the complaint is to the right authority

Step (5) :                    Emotions Out i.e., do NOT write an emotional complaint

Step (6) :                    File it using a LTR

Step (7) :                    Enforce the Lego-Technical Representation

Step (8) :                    Use Sandwich Approach to turn the complaint into a FIR

Step (9) :                    Have the Win-Win situation & pumich the wife for cruelty.

Can a girl do second marriage without divorce?

Can a girl do second marriage without divorce?

The procedure for second marriage without divorce is same for both boys and girls but just there is slight difference in the approach of how can a girl do second marriage without divorce.


(1)  The girl should make the boy agree to sign an agreement

(2)  NON Disclosure Agreement may also be filed

(3)  Girl should be protected from Boy leaking information

(4)  This agreement should be made in favor of the girl

(5)  As much as possible, the boy should be unmarried or widowed or divorced

(6)  Keep the husband’s bachelorette proofs with you

(7)  Do NOT file false cases against your husband

(8)  File for separation with your husband

Enjoy the new partner and have fun.

Is second marriage legal in India without divorce?

Is second marriage legal in India without divorce?

The procedure for second marriage without divorce protects a husband from lopsided laws made against a man in India and the steps are listed for how to get second marriage without divorce.


(1)  Inform the new partner about your trouble with wife

(2)  Sign a Pre-Union Agreement

(3)  It should NOT be a pre-nuptial agreement

(4)  Do NOT get duped by a live-in agreement

(5)  Live-in is nothing but treated as marriage in lorg term

(6)  Stay Away for live-in arrangement either

(7)  Get your union contract registered and enforced

(8)  File a LTR related to second marriage without divorce

(9)  Do the second marriage without falling into trouble of 494 IPC.