What rights does a wife have over her husband?

What rights does a wife have over her husband?

A wife have several rights over her husband but it should NOT be in the form of false allegations or cruelty by her to her husband or use of abuse/ filth and smear by her against her husband and relatives and therefore the wife has what all rights a wife has against her husband in India.


Step (1) :                    Rights to Residence

Step (2) :                    Right to receive compensation for harassment

Step (3) :                    Right to compensate for funds appropriation

Step (4) :                    Right to file 406 IPC for misappropriation of Stridhan by husband

Step (5) :                    Husband is a trustee of wife under the trustee act so this gives even wider powers to a wife and much more liability and responsibility for a husband

Step (6) :                    Wife can trap husband in adultery, unnatural sex, 375 IPC and several other cases

Step (7) :                    Wife can stop husband from getting new partner without her consent

Step (8) :                    She has right to receive maintenance

Step (9) :                    For protection from wife’s rights, lodge a FIR based on proofs of cruelty by wife to husband, and this FIR against wife will only protect the husband. This FIR must be followed by the application to the MM or Sessions judge for Bailable or NBW against wife i.e., ARREST WARRANT AGAINST WIFE.