How do I divorce my wife and keep everything?

How do I divorce my wife and keep everything?

A NRI husband can very well get divorce abroad from a cruel wife who has filed false 498a in India and in such cases the husband gets answer for his query i.e., how to get divorce from wife and keep everything.


Step (1) :                    File Divorce abroad based on cruelty against wife

Step (2) :                    After wife files false 498a do this with evidences

Step (3) :                    Get her arrested in foreign country

Step (4) :                    Charge her with domestic violence abroad

Step (5) :                    Enforce the divorce based on cruelty or harassment by wife abroad

Step (6) :                    Enforce the foreign divorce decree in India

Step (7) :                    Get in touch with SOCIAL STIGMA dot IN guys in India

Step (8) :                    Contact and get help from MAN CELL guys in Delhi

Step (9) :                    File Lego-Technical Representations against the wife and get divorce at Zero Settlement Cost i.e., without paying or giving anything to such wife who filed false 498a against the NRI.