What is the punishment for second marriage?

What is the punishment for second marriage?

Second Marriage Without Divorce is sought by especially those who are fighting legal battle with their estranged spouse and they often search on internet whether what is the punishment for second marriage.


1)    Get Divorce validated before getting re-married

2)    There is upto seven years in jail/ imprisonment

3)    Fine may also be imposed

4)    The first wife / spouse may be entitled to get divorce based on cruelty

5)    Sec-494 IPC is applicable to such re-marry crimes

6)    Fraud can also be filed by the spouse who been kept in dark about past marriage

7)    Stay Away from lawyers/ counsels in such matters

8)    Get previous spouse in confidence to validate the remarriage

9)    Get Lego-Technical Representation and enforce the LTR to avoid punishment.


Can I marry without divorce?

Anyone can remarry without divorce if that new marriage is NOT called as marriage or Live-in or Prostitution etc and therefore the procedure need to be followed below on how to marry again without getting divorced.


ü Get Agreement Prepared from AGREEMENT INDIA

ü Enforce the Agreement in the form of a LTR

ü Implement and Enforce the LTR

ü Make the previous wife a party to the LTR

ü Make it a silent LTR

ü Lego-Technical Representation should be got prepared for such agreement

ü Agreement based remarry or new relationship has almost no demerits

ü Get Agreement registered and notified in official gazette

ü Do the Second Marriage Without Divorce and have these agreements prepared from the experts or relationship consultants of global repute.


Can I marry again after filing divorce?

People are so fed up with their spouse that they want to remarry without immediately aftyer filing divorce if the procedure below is NOT followed regarding how to remarry after filing divorce.


10)          Have agreement in writing

11)          Get written consent and thumb impression of the new spouse

12)          Do NOT call him/ her to be a spouse

13)          Be Away from calling it as a Live-in Agreement

14)          Stay Away from Prostitution or other arrangements which allow spouse

15)          New Spouse may file rape, residence rights, property claims

16)          Stay protected your property and your children from new spouse

17)          Get Emancipation Rights agreed upon for illegitimate child from this new marriage

18)          File a LTR after getting this prepared from SOCIAL STIGMA dot IN.


Can you get engaged while married to someone else?

If you want to get engaged with anyone else while you are married to another then u may fall into trouble so understand the procedure on how to get engaged with someone else while getting married.


ü Get agreement in writing and signed by new spouse

ü Agreement should be in the form of first party and second party as a contract

ü It should NOT be in the form of a Spouse or Spousal Agreement

ü Have clear bifurcation of financial sharing

ü Attach the Income and Assets Affidavit for each of the parties

ü Get Evidences against cruel wife on record

ü REMARRY after getting divorce or have a live-together agreement rather that a live-in related relationship or agreement which can backfire

ü Do the enforceability of the LTR Agreement

ü Make a powerful Second Marriage Without Divorce Agreement and get it prepared from AGREEMENT INDIA.